Tsere: Weaving Intercultural Connection, One Story at a Time

The Tsere Project derives its name from the Shuar-Chicham word for spider.

We are a group of Ecuadorian artists who’s work focuses on keeping the «inter» in Intercultural.

We weave stories to link people together, rooted in a deep valuing and appreciation for our differences.


At the moment, the Tsere Project has completed 6 children’s books about and for the Amazonian children of Ecuador’s Pastaza province thanks to a Seed The Change grant from Pollination Project.

Stephanie F Scott is the author. The illustrators are: Alinne DeSouza and Lucas Rodríguez. Our artistic consultant is Francisco Galárraga. Our cultural consultants are Teresa Shiki and Freddy Tendetza.

Contact Tsere Project if you would like more information or want to get involved and support rural Amazonian school communities through literature and art.

Learn more about our work bringing multicultural children’s literature and art projects to rural Amazonian schools.